Can:Do 4Kids Youth Club

Our new Youth Club well-being, social and recreation program for young people living with a sensory impairment is off to a great start.

A total of five social activities have already been successfully delivered by Youth Club Coordinator Chelsea, and her

The Youth Club went bowling, kayaking at Murray Bridge’s annual Float Fest, to the cinema, did aerial activities at Latitude, and went on a ghost tour at Adelaide Gaol.
Many young people do not have the skills or support to catch up with a friend on the weekend or go somewhere independently, so Can:Do 4Kids has developed this program to break down those barriers.

“The best part about the youth club is interacting with people with similar conditions. They understand me better than the people at school.” Thomas

Can:Do 4Kids Youth Club
Age: 13-17 years (school year 8 – 12)
Where: Various monthly locations
Contact: Child and Youth Development - 8100 8200
If you are interested in finding out more about the program, contact us.