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Coins 4Kids

My name is Drake and I have albinism.

It was a big a shock to my Mum and Dad, but they are doing a great job and have loads of support from Can:Do 4Kids.

Because I was born with this condition, bright lights and sunlight hurt my eyes and I can’t see as well as other kids, but I do have super cool white hair.  

I am only 2 and don’t know if I will be legally blind yet, but I know that people like you will ensure my family gets the support they need so I can learn to read, write, go to school and even get a job one day.

Can you help?

You can change the life of a child by helping Can:Do 4Kids raise $20,000 for kids living with a sensory impairment in South Australia.

1. Host one of our green collection pigs at your business or workplace before the end of June

2. Hold a fundraiser at your business, workplace or with a group of friends

3. Make a donation


We would like to thank all of the South Australian businesses that have supported our Coins 4Kids campaign by hosting a green collection pig on their counter during the 2017/2018 financial year, with a special thanks to Drakes Supermarkets with over $5,000 raised so far!


Colour Penny Piggles! Download the colouring in form here.