Corporate partners

Can:Do 4Kids is so grateful for the generous support of local businesses. One such corporate partner, Myer Marion, has provided generous support to Can:Do 4Kids for more than six years.
Myer Marion employee Julie’s beautiful granddaughters Keira and Jasmine were both born with hearing impairments. Keira especially has received a lot of help from Can:Do 4Kids. When Jasmine starting school next year she too will need the help and support of Can:Do 4Kids.
Knowing Julie’s story, Myer employee Di Koegh began fundraising for Can:Do 4Kids as part of her quest to support a local charity. The alliance between Can:Do 4Kids and Myer Marion has blossomed from in-store fundraising to Myer Store Manager Sue Dewey this year securing a partnership with Can:Do 4 Kids to produce a series of educational books about sensory impairments.
Work is already underway on the first book which is about what it is like being Deaf or having a hearing impairment. Author Gail Miller is a valued supporter of Can:Do 4Kids and is working hard to help us have this book launched in 2015