Hearing health with Can:Do Classroom

The Can:Do Classroom brings our experts to your classroom in the form of a FREE comprehensive national curriculum schools based education program that teaches South Australian primary school children about social inclusion, noise induced hearing loss, and Australian Sign Language (Auslan).

This program encompasses:

  • Disability awareness and social inclusion
    • Increasing inclusion for all people with all disabilities.
  • Deaf awareness and Auslan
    • Understanding of basic Auslan and understanding of Deaf culture.
  • Hearing health and protection
    • Demonstrating the importance of protecting your hearing and showing the effects of loud noise associated with activities such as using a Personal Music Players.

Why explore our three focus areas?

  • Relate directly to children’s lives
  • Build awareness of the causes of hearing loss
  • Encourage an understanding of the challenges faced by young people with sensory impairments or disability
  • Introduce Auslan (Australian Sign Language)

Why engage in our lessons?

  • Links to the Australian Curriculum
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Lessons will spark ideas in a range of learning areas
  • Printable, accessible and ready to use
  • Children are active participants in their learning

Enter the Can:Do Classroom