School Support

Starting school is a big step for parents and children - it can be both challenging and exciting.

The first years are an engaging time for your child and it is very important to continue to support your child’s learning and development while they are in the school environment.

These are all questions that may have crossed your mind:

  • Will my child fit in socially?
  • Will my child’s new school understand how to assist with my child’s specialised equipment?
  • Will the teacher know what extra support to provide?
  • My child is not developing basic literacy and numeracy at the same rates as other children - what’s wrong?

Can:Do 4Kids can assess what your child’s needs are at school, tailor a support program, talk to school staff
and help your child reach their full potential in the school environment whilst functioning with their peers.

School and Transition Support

Target Group

Children aged from 6-18 years old with a sensory impairment.

Download the School and Transition Support fact sheet