What our clients say

I honestly don’t know where our family would be today without the support of Can:Do 4Kids.
- Amy

Meeting other parents at Can:Do 4Kids’ groups has been amazing.  It was just wonderful to develop a support network and to have an opportunity to talk to other families facing similar situations.
- Kerrie

Can:Do 4Kids has been an incredible support for our family for over five years.  In this time we have seen our daughter’s independence and confidence come on in leaps and bounds.  Today she is a happy, confident little girl who is excelling at school.
- Adrian

Early Intervention
Our Can:Do 4Kids therapist came to all our specialist medical appointments with us…it really helped us to understand not only how to support Brayden, but also what the implications might be for his future.
- Andrea

Speech Pathology
We are thrilled that Charli is doing so well with both speech and signing.  Regardless of how she chooses to communicate in the future, I know she is capable of anything.
- Leslee

Occupational Therapy
My son takes part in SPOT sessions at Can:Do 4Kids - a combination of Speech and Occupational Therapy within the same session.  It’s working really well for our family.
- Emma

The transition between school and work is daunting for many young people – even more so for those with disability.  Can:Do 4Kids has been running sessions at school each week, focussing on skills that would help
these young people prepare for the world of work.  My daughter recently started work -  I’m incredibly proud of her. 
- Vanessa

Assistive Technology
Working with the Assistive Technology team at Can:Do 4Kids was such a positive experience.
- Karen