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Jennifer Greig

Customer Service Officer

From 16 years of age when I started out as a bakery assistant, I consider my career having been for serving and supporting people in our community with a smile. 

By 19, those smiles were part of my work as a Dental Assistant in a traineeship! The role was within the school and community dental service and I really enjoyed the whole environment, especially working with children with special needs and autism.

It took me to my next chapter where I worked at The Special Children's Christmas Party organising the volunteers, entertainment and showbags, and then onto Arthritis SA’s Kidsflix events. I loved working in fundraising and events so much that I ended up volunteering in fundraising at Can:Do 4Kids. 

After meeting the Can:Do 4Kids Fundraising team, I knew we would all get along and I helped (and really enjoyed) events such as the Zoo visit, Carbine Club luncheon and Loud Shirt Day. I am now employed full time as a Customer Service Officer, and, every day I get to make a difference, supporting amazing people. Plus, I see big smiles welcoming our clients of all ages!

Everyone at Can:Do is welcoming because we’ve realised, even though we’re a team, we’re also all individuals – and that should be celebrated.

Jennifer Grieg Portrait SML