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Tahlia Pascoe

Senior Lead Speech Pathologist/Service Lead: Autism

Hi, I'm Tahlia. I'm the Autism Service Lead and a Senior Lead Speech Pathologist with Can:Do 4Kids.

I am passionate about the delivery of neurodiversity affirming practices and enjoy supporting individuals to understand their autistic identity, as well as working closely with support networks to ensure the provision of holistic and person-centred support. This is also why I am equally passionate about providing support to allied-health professionals and contributing to the development and achievement of the Can:Do 4Kids team.

With our team focused on wanting children, young people and their families to live life focused on what they CAN do, my background of providing Speech Pathology support services to autistic individuals across the lifespan, including those with co-occurring difficulties in the areas of auditory processing, anxiety, mental health and Selective Mutism, will ensure we continue to work to help children communicate autonomously, connect naturally, and live their best lives.

The best part about starting with Can:Do is working with like-minded professionals to provide strength-based supports, centred around what an individual #cando all while collectively taking steps towards a more inclusive society.

While the simple things in life remain the best, I openly encourage everyone to consider:

  • Using respectful language
  • Respecting neurodiversity
  • Fostering acceptance
  • Empowering autistic voices
  • Presuming competence
  • Accepting different communication styles,
  • as well as, providing unrestricted access to sensory and communication supports.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my young family, playing board games and video games, bingeing on a good (or 'so bad it's good') TV show and eating sushi!

Tahlia Pascoe
BPsych (Honours) MSpPath (CPSP)

Tahlia Pascoe SQ