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Adeline’s Story

In many ways, Adeline is just your average feisty, strong-willed 12-year-old girl. She worries about what her hair looks like, she goes to dance classes and she loves to read. But unlike most kids her age, Adeline has had to overcome some serious challenges along the way.

Adeline was born with a condition called cone dystrophy and her vision is severely restricted as a result, she is legally blind. Adeline’s vision impairment affects her depth perception and balance, meaning she has to work seriously hard to master physical activities we might take for granted. But master them she does. With the help of Alex, her Can:Do 4Kids Occupational Therapist, Adeline has harnessed her strong-willed determination to develop her physical awareness in a range of activities, including navigating the world independently using a long cane, tap and jazz dancing, and playing blind cricket.

Adeline’s mum Amy is so proud of what Adeline has been able to achieve.

“Over the years people have sometimes said ‘her vision’s not that bad!’ We know they mean well, but that can be very frustrating – people are classed legally blind when their vision registers at 6/60 – and Adeline’s vision registers at just 3/60. She will often fall down a kerb whilst we are out and about, and we’ve lost count of the times she’s walked straight into a wall, or pole or tree. We try to tell them that whilst Adeline’s vision is ‘that bad’; the skills she’s developed to live life with vision loss are simply amazing.”

Will you help Adeline continue to learn new things?

“From the early days of introducing us to parents in similar situations, to providing expert assistance at medical appointments and ongoing therapy sessions, Can:Do 4Kids has always been there for our family, teaching Adeline how to make the most of her abilities and ensuring we knew the best approaches to help her.”

Christmas is one of Adeline’s favourite times of year, mainly because she gets to spend time with her family. But also, it’s the one day of the year that she’s allowed to have two desserts in one day!

Adeline’s Christmas wish, an ambitious goal for someone who’s legally blind, has been to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels. With help from Can:Do 4Kids, Adeline is already confident enough to ride small distances unassisted.

Not all children living in darkness will get their Christmas wish. We need your help to ensure we can help families as early as possible on their journeys to give them the best opportunity to live a safe and independent life. 

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