Assistive Technology

Access to the right technology can make a real difference by increasing opportunities to learn whilst developing independence skills. As you consider various assistive technology tools, make sure your child is part of the process.  The Can:Do 4Kids resource library has many of the newest assistive technology offerings that you can try with your child.

Services and technology supports include:

  • Assessment and recommendation of technology
  • Equipment trials and loans
  • Training in the use of the following technologies and programs:
    • Magnification technology
    • Screenreader technology (OCR)
    • Braille technologies
    • Touch-typing skills
    • Mainstream technologies with accessible features (e.g. iPhone with voiceover, large text, zoom)
    • IOS and Android applications for a variety of tasks (e.g. Seeing AI, KNFB Reader, barcode readers)
  • Supporting community accessibility
  • Self-advocacy development
  • Sound field systems

How they do this

  • Individual therapy
  • Small groups
  • Remote services and telehealth (Skype)
  • Working alongside parents/carers and key people in the child’s life
  • Clinic-based and within community settings including home
  • Education and training to teachers and support staff


Our specialist will work with you and your family to develop goals to suit your child’s individual needs. Progress and outcomes will be monitored and reported to track your child’s progress.

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