News and Events • November 11, 2019

Can:Do 4Kids Christmas Appeal

Imagine if you had never seen Christmas lights sparkle; never woken up to see a present under the tree; never seen your families smiling faces.

This is the reality of Christmas for a child who is blind.

These children desperately want to be like other kids their age. They yearn to ride a bike like their brother or sister, kick a ball around or open their own presents – they crave the freedom to be just like their friends, but their path to independence is far harder than most.

For children who are blind or have low vision, the ability to navigate their environment independently is very important and very challenging. It takes a highly qualified specialist team to support these children to develop the right skills.

“Right from the get-go we’ve considered Can:Do 4Kids to be a second family. It has been a long journey, but they have been by our side every step of the way. We’d be lost without them.” says Adeline’s mum, Amy.

A key part of this team at Can:Do 4Kids are our Orientation and Mobility Specialists. Being a new certification there are only a handful of Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists (COMS)

But there are over 2,300 Australian children living with complete or partial blindness who need expert support.

At Can:Do 4Kids we know how vital it is to have the right expertise here in South Australia to support all of our families. I am proud to share with you that Can:Do 4Kids now has two Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists on the team. But it costs up to $40,000 to train and certify each of these specialists. And we rely on community support to ensure that we have the best team available to help the kids who need us.

We need your help.

We know right now there are hundreds more children in South Australia that we could help, if only we had enough staff. But they MUST be the right people, with the right specialist knowledge to support these families every step of the way, to guide these children to independence.

“Just having someone say ‘we can help you’ meant the world to us.” says Hamish’s mum, Aly.

There is no cure for the 150 blind and vision impaired children who receive specialised services from Can:Do 4Kids, but my promise to you is that we will teach these children what they CAN DO and be there for their families every step of the way.

“She’s a brave little girl, but I’d be lost without Can:Do 4Kids. They really understand all the issues we’re facing.” says Zara’s mum, Angela.

Will you help us make sure that we have the best people in our team to help every family that turns to us for support? There are more children who need this life changing skillset, and it is only with your help we can be certain that no one who needs us will be left in the dark.

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