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Ground Breaking New Program

In response to increasing requests from client families, Can:Do 4Kids has been undertaking paediatric hearing aid fitting and management. The unique part of this program is clients like Lucy can now receive hearing aids at the same location as her therapy services, Can:Do 4Kids. We are confident we have the expertise and the equipment needed to provide excellent client outcomes, just like Lucy’s.

When Lucy stopped responding to her parents and started to ask for words to be repeated at four years old, her mother Claire didn’t think it was anything to worry about at first. Especially as she had passed her newborn hearing screening.

“She has always been the sort of kid who focusses her attention on one thing at a time, so we didn’t think too much of it,” Claire says.

Following an initial hearing screening, Lucy was referred to Can:Do 4Kids for further testing, which revealed bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. Undergoing blood tests, genetic tests, a CT scan and a MRI, she received a diagnosis of Enlarged Vestibular Aquaduct.

Through Can:Do 4Kids, Lucy had a hearing aid fitted and receives ongoing support through fortnightly speech therapy sessions.

During these sessions, Lucy works with her teachers and other support staff to help develop her audio and speech skills. She even educated her classroom peers on hearing loss and made ‘pretend’ hearing aids together
as a group.

“We feel very lucky that we have wonderful audiologists and speech therapists who have provided excellent support to our family,” Claire says.

“Over the course of Lucy’s intervention, she has grown in confidence around her devices and values using them each and every day.

Her voice is always heard and she advocates for her hearing needs very confidently and appropriately.”

Also a twin, Claire says Lucy’s identical sister has not developed a hearing loss, and Lucy is holding her own socially and academically.

“Hearing loss really has not stood in her way at all.”

Speech Therapist Johanna says, “it’s been a pleasure working with young Lucy and her family.”

“Lucy is a capable, strong and independent young lady – her future is very bright.”

Lucy is just one of the children with hearing loss who we have seen achieve amazing outcomes.

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