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Hamish’s Story

Born prematurely at 24 weeks and weighing just 380g, Hamish faced a number of serious health challenges early on in life. Not the least of these was the need for emergency laser eye surgery, after which it was discovered Hamish was experiencing nystagmus (dancing eyes). Further analysis led to a diagnosis of ocular albinism, which today manifests through his sensitivity to light and difficulties with depth perception.

It was an anxious and stressful time for his parents and as he got older they were finding it increasingly difficult to cope, but didn’t know who they could turn to. All that changed when a friend suggested they look up Can:Do 4Kids.

“Before our first appointment we knew our son had a vision impairment, but glasses wouldn’t help. And that was about all we knew,” says Hamish’s mum Aly. “Just having someone say ‘we can help you’ meant the world to us.”

From that point on their Can:Do therapists, particularly his Occupational Therapist Molly, have been there with Hamish, helping him through every major challenge he’s faced. Perhaps the biggest of these has been his entry into school.

“Having Molly there to advocate for Hamish’s needs has made such a difference,” says Aly. “Without her, he’d still be miles behind.”

Christmas is one of Hamish’s favourite times of the year. The best thing about it, aside from the presents, is having everyone together to celebrate. He really loves the slip’n’slide and swimming, either in his grandparents’ pool or at the beach. Hamish’s Christmas wish this year is to be able to get out and kick a ball with his friends, and he and Molly have been working hard to achieve this goal.

Not all children living in darkness will get their Christmas wish. We need your help to ensure we can help families as early as possible on their journeys to give them the best opportunity to live a safe and independent life.

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