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Little ray of sunshine, Lucy’s not letting anything get in her way!

An update on our little superstar


Lucy has remarkable empathy for others and is always willing to lend a hand. You may remember her as the face of Can:Do 4Kids’ ‘Cookies for a Cause’ fundraising campaign last April, proudly championing this campaign to selling nearly 9,000 cookies baked by Vili’s Family Bakery and raising over $13,000 throughout Drakes supermarkets so other children like her can receive therapy.

Diagnosed just after birth with Craniofacial Syndrome – a rare condition that involves the premature closure of the joints connecting the bones in her skull – Lucy’s brain had little room for growth. She had her first of many major surgeries at only 5 months old, which is when they also discovered that she had sleep apnoea and was lucky to still be alive.

An obvious fighter, Lucy had a successful surgery that allowed more room for her brain to grow and has faced multiple hospital admissions and medical challenges since. It was only when she was four years old, that there were concerns raised that she was not communicating or talking when doctors discovered she had severe hearing loss.

Lucy has taken all of these challenges in her stride, with a big smile on her face, courageously and with determination not to let anything get in her way of achieving her goals.

Working so hard over the last three years with Can:Do 4Kids therapists, speech pathologist, Kiki and occupational therapist Stephanie, Lucy’s now talking non-stop and has blossomed into a fearless, joyful child who lets nothing hold her back! Since her time starting with Can:Do 4Kids, she has achieved many therapeutic goals and continues to strive; she never gives up and is always willing to give things a go. Her Speech Pathologist Kiki quotes;

“Lucy is a determined little ray of sunshine who has come leaps and bounds. Hard work and determination to achieve her goals over the years have also come with lots of smiles and giggles! It has been such a pleasure to watch her kick goals over the years and continue to grow!”

We touched base recently with mum, Edel, who says:

“She enjoys everything. She’s absolutely beautiful. She’s one of those kids that is just going to try and conquer everything. She loves to sing and dance, and she’s just generally a really happy kid. She’s got no fear and just loves life. She loves going to the beach. Over Christmas, we went to Goolwa, and the waves were about six feet. And she’s just in there trying to surf, trying to stand up on the board. She’s unstoppable!”.

To prove just how courageous and determined Lucy is, in May, she was invited to attend the Lions Children of Courage Awards to recognise her achievements. Lucy was invited to Government House to meet Her Excellency the Honourable Frances Adamson AC. We can’t wait to see what comes next for this little ray of sunshine.

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