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Loud Shirt Day

Friday 23 October

By signing up to get LOUD on Friday 23 October, you’ll be joining over 10,000 other LOUD supporters nationwide!

In 2019, our LOUD supporters raised over $46,000 to support deaf and hard of hearing kids in South Australia – what an amazing result!

In 2020 we are going to get even LOUDer and it couldn’t be easier to show your support, all you need to start is a LOUD shirt!

Get LOUD any way you like – as a family, at work, with friend and community groups or at school, the opportunities and endless and easy – every noise counts, no matter how LOUD it is!

Official registrations are now live, follow the link below to join the LOUD movement!

We are excited to introduce this year’s limited edition LOUD shirt! Proudly brought to you by the amazingly generous team at The Uniform Edit, this year the shirts are available for you to own! purchase your shirt before Friday 14 August and wear it LOUD and proud!

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