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Loud Shirt Day

Did you know that over 12,000 Australian kids face everyday with a hearing loss? And most Australians wouldn’t know where to turn if their child had a hearing loss.

Early intervention can mean a big difference in terms of outcomes for children and that is why Can:Do 4Kids have announced 12-month-old Liam and 5-year-old Max as two of their ambassadors for this year’s Loud Shirt Day. South Australians are being encouraged to ‘Get Loud’ in a bid to help children like Liam and Max live their lives to the fullest and loudest.

 “My journey with Liam was quite emotional to begin with because it wasn’t something that I was really expecting. But knowing that he has so much support behind him with Can:Do 4Kids, makes me confident that he is going to be able to achieve anything he wants to.” says Liam’s mum, Megan. 

Pictured: Megan and son, Liam           

That’s why we get LOUD. The money raised from Loud Shirt Day will fund the vital services and support, provided by Can:Do 4Kids, for SA kids and their families who are deaf or hard of hearing that will help them to learn, listen, speak and live their best lives.

Just $50 can help to buy resources to help support speech and language development for a child with hearing loss just like Max.

Pictured: Max and mum, Mei

Loud Shirt Day gives Mei a chance to share her five-year-old son Max’s story and to let other families know that there is an amazing future out there for any child born with hearing loss, “From the first conversation with Can:Do 4Kids, I could tell that it would be a very family-friendly environment – I felt like I had a path forward.”

Get LOUD in any way you like – as a family, at work, with your friends and community groups or at school. It’s easy – and all you need to start is a LOUD shirt.

If you would like to ‘Get LOUD’ this year, register below.


Your donations big or small will make all the difference to the lives of our Can do families – so, what are you waiting for?

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