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Alex Nuzzo

What is your role at Can:Do 4Kids? How long have you been working here?
I am a Senior Occupational Therapist (OT) and have been working for Can:Do 4Kids for five years.

Tell us about your journey towards becoming an OT?
I always wanted to work in paediatrics as I have a passion for supporting children to participate independently and meaningfully in their daily activities. I was interested in supporting both physical and psychological wellbeing, so OT was a great mix of the two!

What do you love about working for Can:Do 4Kids?
I love the client and family-centred approach of Can:Do 4Kids; that we don’t just run a clinic where kids are ‘dropped off’ for therapy each week. All therapists work with clients and their caregivers to determine what the ‘trickiest’ times of their day are and how we can set goals that will make their daily lives more meaningful. We want to support families to see how therapeutic activities can be embedded into their daily lives.

What is the best part about your day?
Seeing moments of pride among clients or caregivers after little moments of success. These achievements might seem trivial to some people, such as being able to make your own bed or tie your own shoelaces, but they’re so important for feeling independent.

What are some of the benefits you’ve seen come out of working with children and their families?
When we work collaboratively to achieve goals that are really meaningful and functional for our clients, it makes their lives so much easier and happier! For example, learning to ride a bike can allow a child to play with their peers and develop social connections and build their self-confidence.

Is there a particular memory or moment that stands out from your time with Can:Do 4Kids?
Each family and child I work with brings little moments that stay with me forever!

What are some of your interests outside of work?
On the weekends you’ll find me at the gym, walking at the beach, or at the farmer’s market buying local produce to cook up something delicious. I also have a small women’s health blog and love learning about all things biology and psychology.

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