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Stay and Play

Empowering parents through group programs

Stay and Play allows time for parents to connect and have a cup of tea while their child plays with a range of developmentally appropriate toys.

These sessions provide a safe environment for parents to connect with other parents of babies and young children recently diagnosed with a disability.

Stay and Play sessions are used to talk about vision development (contrast, body positioning, delayed gross motor skills) and emotional support such as:

  • Experiences and dealing with diagnosis
  • Whole support network including extended family
  • Managing appointments
  • Transitioning back to work

“The area is specifically set up for vision-impaired children, the lighting, toys, books are all thought about and put out for a reason.” – Early Intervention Therapist, Rachelle.

Stay and Play has made a huge impact on the lives of these parents who are just starting their journey.

“Stay and Play gives Lillian an opportunity to move around and explore in a safe environment. This has been a change with Lillian in other environments preferring to not leave my side but here she is happy to explore. For me it is a relaxing time, knowing she is enjoying herself and having fun, which gives me pleasure. It is not stressful to be here, it is a breathing time to be here. It is a whole hour to relax. There is no judgement.” – Can:Do parent, Ha.

“It has made me feel encouraged that Margot will continue to grow and develop despite her visual impairment. It may just take her longer to achieve certain goals or milestones. It has been nice to know we are not alone. Lots of people try and put themselves in your shoes but when you meet other people who are actually living it they are the ones that understand.” – Can:Do parent, Hannah.

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