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Every day we get anxious phone calls from families, overwhelmed and out of their depth they are looking for someone to help them make sense of what is happening for them and their child.

Parenthood is hard, and parenting a child with additional needs is very much more so.

Our team are here for them right from the first step; giving support and advice, connecting them to the right services, to other families and most importantly helping them to connect to each other and appreciate what they CAN do.

At Can:Do 4Kids, Townsend House we support children who are deaf or hard of hearing, blind or low vision, and those that have other sensory barriers in life. Our team of Listening and Spoken Language Specialists, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and other specialists teach families how to support their child to be the very best they can, but it takes a village to raise a child and at Can:Do 4Kids we believe it is our place to provide far more than this.

When your life is centred around getting small children from appointment to appointment, specialist to specialist and clinic to clinic it is hard to take in what you are learning, to make sense of it and to put it into action. Our family support services assist families to understand their child’s diagnosis. Learning to be a parent can be difficult, even without the added grief and complications that come with every new diagnosis. We facilitate group programs, connect parents to each other and inspire families to feel supported throughout all of their experiences – so they can focus on what is important; learning, whether that be to speak, to listen, to sign or to navigate the world around them.

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