News, Events, News and Events • October 10, 2021

The Movement Zone

Innovation at Noarlunga

Perhaps the most exciting feature for our Can:Do kids at the new Noarlunga therapy hub is the Movement Zone, made possible by the South Adelaide Football Club, with a state-of-the-art rock climbing wall thanks to the generosity of Highgate. Alex Nuzzo, one of our Senior Occupational Therapists, describes how the space is used to facilitate the very best outcomes for our clients.

While on the surface it appears to be a fun ‘play zone’ for kids, the Movement Zone was created with a very intentional purpose, to support a variety of developmental skills. The zone is a netted off, safety matted area surrounded by fixed and moving climbing apparatuses. The space also includes an interactive rock-climbing wall with a projector screen that picks up touch input on the wall. There are a variety of pre-programmed activities and therapy-based games, as well as the ability to customise these based on the client’s needs and skills.

Along with developing important gross motor skills like balance, strength and coordination, children are also able to build their confidence by trying new things and understand their boundaries in a supported way. The Movement Zone creates the perfect setting for both one-on-one therapy as well as our group programs as we can incorporate all types of activities and therapy goals, such as following instructions, turn-taking, letter recognition or formation, visual tracking and body awareness.

The best thing is that we support caregivers to understand the ‘why’ behind the activities in the Movement Zone and how they can replicate similar activities at home or in the community, e.g. at their local playground. This leads to increased outcomes, as they can practice regularly out of ‘therapy’ time.

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