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Cooking during the school holidays

Cooking during the school holidays

"Through The Sharing of Food, We Share Life, and One Is Never Lonely Or Hungry" Dominique Rizzo

What a perfect time to cook or try cooking with the kids!

Children learn best by example and in small steps. 

However, because food engages all the senses, it can sometimes be too overwhelming to deal with. Many parents find food preparation a challenge, so we encourage the activity during times of quiet and with patience. 

Tips to alleviate sensory issues in the kitchen

  • Involve your child in the mealtime experience and give choice eg planning and shopping for foods, cooking and preparation, cutting and self-feeding
  • Let those who love order collect and organise the ingredients or set the dinner table
  • Visual instructions make cooking activities simple
  • For visually impaired, arrange the kitchen so that everything is easy to find
    Recipes don't have to be elaborate to be fun for kids.

And most importantly, enjoy your time.

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