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Capability Building for Educators

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Auditory and Vision Capability Building for Educators

Develop a better knowledge and understanding of supporting students who have hearing loss and/or vision impairment as well as those with auditory processing disorders (APD).

Book an education session today to build your knowledge and learn helpful tips and strategies to support your students learning in the classroom.

Upcoming Sessions:  




T2 Week 4

Wed 22 May 2024


T2 Week 2

Tues 7 May 2024


T2 Week 4

Thurs 23 May 2024


T3 Week 3

Thu 8 Aug 2024


T3 Week 4

Mon 12 Aug 2024


T3 Week 5

Tues 20 Aug 2024


T4 Week 3

Wed 30 Oct 2024


T4 Week 4

Tues 5 Nov 2024


T4 Week 5

Mon 11 Nov 2024



Can:Do 4Kids has been funded through the Department for Education under the Children and Students with Disability (CSWD) program to provide this training for you at no cost.


All sessions are engaged online.

How to Book:

Email to book your spot!

Sessions at your school

Book today for us to attend your school at no cost.

Please note: these sessions contain the same content as the online sessions, but can be tailored if required.

Does your classroom have a soundfield system in place? Do you know the benefits of use for students who are hard of hearing or have auditory processing disorder? Please let us know at time of booking and we will ensure we cover this area in more depth for you.

Participation in an Auditory and Vision capability building session at your school will ensure your staff have better knowledge and understanding of supporting students within a classroom setting who have hearing loss and/or vision impairment, as well as those with auditory processing disorders (APD). Book with CD4K’s Support Coordinator via email

Can:Do 4Kids has been funded through the Education Department under the Children and Students with Disability (CSWD) program to provide these sessions. All Can:Do 4Kids therapists visiting schools have the necessary clearances required (e.g. RRHAN-EC, DCSI WWCC, Public Liability Insurance, Child Safe Statement and Catholic Education clearance).

There are two training packages you can book through Can:Do 4Kids

Package 1: General Presentation

Great for schools (and teachers) who are new to supporting a child with disability within a classroom setting. Sessions focus on explaining how within a classroom setting you can identify and understand the child with hearing loss, vision impairment or those who have
auditory processing disorders. For example, the signs to watch out for and how you can modify your classroom.

Tip: Students with vision impairment may require specific teaching strategies such as auditory learning materials, descriptive language and specialised equipment such as braille machines, technology to access their work and dark pencils and dark lined paper.

Package 2: Advanced Presentation

For educators who have some knowledge of hearing loss, vision impairment or auditory  processing disorders and require further upskilling within one of these particular areas, subjects, difficulties or behaviours.

Tip: Engage the student in conversation about the subject matter or question students about the material. Ask for oral summaries of material or have them tape lectures and review them with you.

Contacts for booking

Chelsea Mudge, CD4K’s Senior Service Support Coordinator


Read more about our CanDo 4Kids team.

Participation in a session at your school will ensure your staff have better knowledge and understanding of supporting students within a classroom setting who have hearing loss and/​or vision impairment, as well as those with auditory processing disorders.