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Orientation & Mobility

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Orientation and mobility (O&M) services are designed to help your child learn how to move around safely and confidently in their environment, if they are blind or have low vision.

How can O&M services assist?

Our specialists can help your child in a number of ways, including providing support and training in:

  • Using a cane or other mobility aid
  • Navigating unfamiliar spaces
  • Crossing streets safely
  • Using their other senses, such as hearing and touch, to get around and interact with their environment.
Orientation Mobility 2

The goal of O&M services for children to develop the skills they need to get around independently and participate fully in their daily lives

Signs your child may benefit from orientation and mobility support

  • Lack of confidence in new environments
  • Stumbling or tripping over changes in the ground surface
  • Bumping into obstacles in the environment
  • Frequently getting lost in familiar or unfamiliar environments
  • You or your child are concerned about their safety when in the community
  • Your child wants to travel independently e.g. use public transport

Areas of focus include:

  • Long cane training
  • Mobility aid prescription and training
  • Transport training and route travel
  • Assessment and support of functional vision
  • Assessment and support in safe environments
  • Early concept development
  • Gross motor skills
  • Independence skills