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Developmental Assessments

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Developmental assessments can help you better understand your child’s strengths and areas to work towards. Our therapists use a combination of informal, observational and standardised assessments to gain accurate and useful information about your child

Assessments can include:

  • Language (CELF-5, CELF-P2, PLS-5,LENA)
  • Speech (DEAP, Fisher Atkin, GFTA)
  • Audition (PEACH, FLIP)
  • Literacy and narratives
  • Goal-setting tools (Routines-Based Assessment/Interview)
  • Classroom and Room Acoustic Assessments
  • Fine motor (M-FUN, Beery VMI)
  • Gross motor (Movement ABC)
  • Sensory processing (Sensory Profile)
  • Activities of daily living/independence
  • Developmental checklists for a variety of areas
  • Functional Vision Observations
  • Mealtime, swallowing and oral-motor assessments
  • AAC recommendation assessments
  • Auditory processing disorder assessment