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Donor support creating bright beginnings for Florence

“Florence was the chatty bub and Evie the quieter it came as a huge shock that Florence had hearing loss”.

Hello, my name is Michaela and I am a mother to three beautiful girls, Hazel, Evie and Florence.

Hazel is 2 years old and twins Evie and Florence are 8 months old. I love watching them interact with one another and see their little personalities shine. Hazel is an independent little girl who loves her sisters a lot. Evie is very smiley and can be extremely loud when she wants to be but little Florence is always chatty and loves to babble away to herself and anyone who wants to listen!

I had a very smooth and uncomplicated pregnancy, carrying the twins until almost 38 weeks gestation so it came as a big surprise to us that Florence was born with hearing loss. Both the girls underwent the newborn hearing screening like any other baby. Evie passed but Florence didn’t.

We were told that it would more than likely just be fluid causing her to fail so we didn’t think too much of it. After two more newborn hearing screenings it became evident that it wasn’t just fluid and that there was actually something wrong with her hearing. Florence underwent further audiology testing and she was then diagnosed with bilateral mild-moderate sensorineural hearing loss.

We were overwhelmed with emotion and inundated with information. Two things were evident, Florence needed hearing aids and she needed early intervention.

I had heard of Can:Do 4Kids and their early intervention services as my Dad has been a regular supporter of them for years. We were introduced to Christine, a listening and spoken language specialist; she was amazing and provided me with reassurance that the team at Can:Do 4Kids can provide Florence with the tailored early intervention that she needs to remain her chatty self with others.

Thankfully due to the kindness of those donating to Can:Do 4Kids our family were able to access the early intervention services before our government funding was received. As a result of starting these services so early I have confidence that Florence has the best opportunity to live a typical life, communicating with those around her.

One of my favourite things about Can:Do 4Kids is Tiny Tots, a group session designed to connect parents with other parents and babies who have also been diagnosed with hearing loss. To me it has been invaluable having the opportunity to talk to other parents going through the same thing and experiencing the same rollercoaster of emotions. It’s reassuring to know other parents have difficulty keeping their baby’s hearing aids in because if it isn’t Florence pulling them out, it’s Evie! The whole team have been very inclusive and accommodating to our family needs, allowing Evie to participate in therapy sessions and Tiny Tots too.

I know Florence’s hearing journey won’t be easy but with the help, encouragement and support of the team at Can:Do 4Kids I know we are in great hands and her future is bright. I am incredibly grateful for the support Can:Do 4Kids has provided not just to Florence but my entire family.

I have no doubt that Florence will achieve great things due to the early intervention she has received at Can:Do 4Kids. Your generous support means the world to families like mine. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please know that your continued support this tax time will help families like mine to keep smiling.

Thank you.

Help us create bright beginnings for brighter futures for more families like Michaela's today.


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Tanya Cantwell

Client Services Team Manager

At Can:Do, we specialise in hearing, vision and sensory services, focusing on;


Working alongside families and caregivers to maximise the development of their child in the early years, focusing on communication, play, physical development, social and independence skills- including sleep, toileting, and feeding.


Develop social and life skills, communication, gross motor, attention and concentration, cognition, independent living skills, and transition support to school, tertiary education and employment.


Every family should have the opportunity to choose the intervention service that best meets the needs of the family and the child. Living regionally or remotely can result in less choice and sometimes less specialised services in the local area. Can:Do 4Kids offers a range of specialised services that can be accessed by families living regionally or remotely.

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