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Digital Gaming


Providing leadership opportunities for young people to share their interests, skills and knowledge of technology with others.

Age Group: 7-12yrs (inclusive)

Facilitated by:
Allied health therapist/assistant

Length of sessions:
2 hours

Group numbers:
Maximum of 6

This program can be funded through your NDIS plan or as a fee for service charge.



Term 1: 7th March - 4th April

Term 2: 2nd May - 30th May 

Term 3: 25th July - 22 August

Term 4: 17 October - 14 November 

Day and Time: Thursdays 4pm-6pm

Location: Can:Do South – Colonnades Shopping Centre, Coles entrance off Burgess Drive, Noarlunga Centre

Group Numbers: Maximum of 6 per session

About the group

Digital gaming sessions are a super fun way for kids and teens to learn and grow. They offer amazing opportunities for young people to show off their tech skills, share their interests, and even step up as leaders. Plus, language is never a barrier, so everyone can join in and make new friends. And, the best part is that while they're having a blast, they're also developing important social, cooperative, and communication skills.

Digital Gaming
Digital Gaming