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Daniel Nguyen

Occupational Therapist

Hi, I'm Daniel. As a Can:Do 4Kids Occupational Therapist, I keep a strong focus on incorporating my client’s interests as part of my therapeutic input. This is based on my experiences at school, as I personally perform best in an environment where I feel safe and regulated. I envision that many of my clients would have similar preferences. One of my hopes is that I deliver on that very aspect during client sessions (you can tell me if I do well). Additionally, during Uni where I was fortunate to have worked in a childcare setting, I was able to upskill and increase my awareness of the many strategies available to Occupational Therapists. I am currently making every effort to use what I’ve learnt.

At Can:Do 4Kids, one of my recent achievements was witnessing some of my group clients organising a catch-up session using an app called “Discord” (a voice, video and text communication service). This was a massive accomplishment for the clients and their family, and for me, it’s moments like this where I am reminded of who we are at Can:Do - and I love that #candoattitude. For me, being able to monitor the growth and progress of my clients is one of my greatest passions of what keeps me motivated as an Occupational Therapist.

Outside of work, the occupational therapy continues as I enjoy playing sports, games and going out for drives to explore South Australia.