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Meet our Therapists


Senior Lead Occupational Therapist/Service Lead: Vision

Eliza who has chosen to go "head shot free" which, when you think about her occupation, is appropriate ie her clients don't always know what she looks like either. 

Image: crocheted teddy bear, because Eliza says her son has a similar little crochet turtle. 

Hi, I'm Eliza.

I am an Occupational Therapist who specializes in working with people with vision loss, particularly in the Early Intervention Space (0-7-year-olds). I support clients and their families in learning the skills required, or compensatory methods, to meet their developmental milestones and unique goals. Having experience working with people with vision loss across the lifespan, I am able to support clients and their families in engaging in meaningful activities to achieve independence in the home, daycare, preschool, school, and the wider community. Interventions and supports are created to meet the individual needs of the child and their family unit.

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