Assessments can help you better understand your child’s strengths and areas to work towards. Our therapists use a combination of informal, observational and standardised assessment to gain accurate and useful information about your child

Assessments include:

  • Language (CELF-5, CELF-P2, PLS-5,LENA)
  • Speech (DEAP, Fisher Atkin, GFTA)
  • Audition (PEACH, FLIP)
  • Literacy and narratives
  • Goal setting tools (Routines Based Assessment/Interview)
  • Classroom and Room Acoustic Assessments
  • Fine motor (M-FUN, Beery VMI)
  • Gross motor (Movement ABC)
  • Sensory processing (Sensory Profile)
  • Activities of daily living/independence
  • Developmental checklists for a variety of areas
  • Functional Vision Observations
  • Mealtime, swallowing and oral-motor assessments
  • AAC recommendation assessments

The outcomes

Our specialist will work with you and your family to develop goals to suit your child’s individual needs. Progress and outcomes will be monitored and reported to track your child’s progress.


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