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Early intervention for families with a Can:Do attitude

Early intervention for families with a Can:Do attitude

Our CanDo family includes a community of generous South Australians who are helping babies and young children through early intervention programs.

It's because we want children, young people and their families to live life focused on what they CAN do....

It’s also why we formed in 1874: to provide support and services to children, young people and their families, who are blind, Deaf, have low vision, are hard of hearing, or have sensory needs. We work with families to help children communicate better, connect easier, and live their best lives.

Can:Do 4Kids, Townsend House also incorporates the Cora Barclay Listening and Spoken Language Program.

Founded in 1945 and formerly known as the Cora Barclay Centre, it is Australia’s oldest listening and spoken language service for children who are deaf or hearing impaired.

We’re proudly South Australia’s oldest children’s charity supporting South Australian families, and while a lot has changed since our early days, one thing has remained the same:

Our can:do attitude.

Mum Michaela says, "One of my favourite things about Can:Do 4Kids is (the early intervention program) 'Tiny Tots', a group session designed to connect parents with other parents and babies who have also been diagnosed with hearing loss. To me it has been invaluable having the opportunity to talk to other parents going through the same thing and experiencing the same rollercoaster of emotions. It’s reassuring to know other parents have difficulty keeping their baby’s hearing aids in because if it isn’t Florence pulling them out, it’s Evie! The whole team have been very inclusive and accommodating to our family needs, allowing Evie to participate in therapy sessions and Tiny Tots too."

You can read more about Michaela's family here: /florencesstory


At Can:Do, we specialise in hearing, vision and sensory services, focusing on;


Working alongside families and caregivers to maximise the development of their child in the early years, focusing on communication, play, physical development, social and independence skills- including sleep, toileting, and feeding.


Develop social and life skills, communication, gross motor, attention and concentration, cognition, independent living skills, and transition support to school, tertiary education and employment.


Every family should have the opportunity to choose the intervention service that best meets the needs of the family and the child. Living regionally or remotely can result in less choice and sometimes less specialised services in the local area. Can:Do 4Kids offers a range of specialised services that can be accessed by families living regionally or remotely.

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