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Firstly, our team specialises in a can-do attitude.
Secondly, we specialise in hearing, vision and sensory services, focusing on;

Early Intervention \ 0-6 years

Working alongside families and caregivers to maximise the development of their child in the early years, focusing on communication, play, physical development, social and independence skills- including sleep, toileting, and feeding.

Child and Youth Services \ 7+ years old

Develop social and life skills, communication, gross motor, attention and concentration, cognition, independent living skills, and transition support to school, tertiary education and employment.

Regional and Remote Services

Every family should have the opportunity to choose the intervention service that best meets the needs of the family and the child. Living regionally or remotely can result in less choice and sometimes less specialised services in the local area.  Can:Do 4Kids offers a range of specialised services that can be accessed by families living regionally or remotely.

With over 145 years of experience supporting children who are blind, deaf, hard of hearing, have low vision or are facing sensory challenges, we are South Australia’s most knowledgeable and trusted helping hand for eyes and ears.
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