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Molly Wignes

Listening and Spoken Language Specialist

Hi, I'm Molly. After graduating with my Master of Science in Deaf Education from Washington University in St Louis (USA) in 2012 I moved to Adelaide.

I have spent the last 10 years working with children with hearing loss and their families.

At the Cora Barclay Listening and Spoken Language program, I work with children who wear hearing aids and cochlear implants and are learning to listen and talk.

It is a privilege to work with families with newborns, right through to their junior primary school age. I love the relationships and friendships we form walking alongside through their hearing loss journey.

In 2020, I completed a 3-year international certification in Auditory-Verbal Therapy, which means I'm now a certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist.

I am passionate about using speech acoustics to maximise audiology fittings, teaching self-advocacy and device management skills to kindy-age students so they can participate well in mainstream schools, and running group programs that support the development of school readiness and phonological awareness skills.

When I'm not at work, I love to spend time with my own two sons, drink coffee, and head to the beach.

Molly Wignes
Listening and Spoken Language Specialist
Master of Science in Deaf Education
Cert Auditory-Verbal Therapy

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