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A warm farewell to Deaf Can:Do, the Royal South Australian Deaf Society

A new chapter for Deaf services in South Australia.

The time has come we bid farewell to Deaf Can:Do, the Royal South Australian Deaf Society and welcome, in celebration, a new chapter for the Deaf community in South Australia.

Having proudly connected with, advocated for and provided services to the South Australian Deaf community over the last 130 years, with your support, Deaf Can:Do, the Royal South Australian Deaf Society has seen many exciting developments, including: proudly shifting services from a welfare model to a client-centred model of choice and control, introducing the ‘Auslan in the Home’ service, Linkages and Capacity Building supports, and the provision of interpreting services.

Other achievements also include seeing the successful stewardship of the South Australian government for the provision of access to mainstream education for Deaf children and youth, and more recently, Deaf Can:Do has worked alongside SA Health on a project that will continue providing better access to the healthcare system for the Deaf community into the future.

These are only a small selection of a wide range of incredible achievements from our valued community members. However, as times change, so do the bespoke needs of each community. This is why we now celebrate this new chapter, knowing that we are doing the right thing and knowing this will result in even more achievements, amazing opportunities and the best outcomes aligned to the Deaf community’s future goals and aspirations.

We took the opportunity to talk with some staff members about their time with Deaf Can:Do and the Royal South Australian Deaf Society.

“During my time at Deaf Can:Do, there have been plenty of challenges along the way, particularly with the introduction of NDIS. Despite those challenges, Deaf Can:Do continued to provide an outstanding service to all clients across all areas. I have really enjoyed my time at Deaf Can:Do, working alongside other Deaf people and working with the Deaf community. Some highlights include supporting clients to achieve their goals, encouraging clients to try new things and teaching Talking Hands classes, and sharing Deaf culture with the students.” – Cheryl

“I will forever cherish my memories working at Deaf Can:Do, especially being surrounded by strong and compassionate female leadership. It was a very supportive environment to start my interpreting career, and I will always be grateful to the colleagues I was able to learn from in my 3.5 years working at Deaf:Can Do.” – Maddison

Deaf Can:Do would like to provide our most sincere and heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported us; the history, services and Deaf culture will proudly continue to prosper well into the future.

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