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Can:Do Hearing, is Can:Do 4Kids' social enterprise audiology clinic and are one of the State’s most experienced provider of services for children with hearing concerns. 

Appointments are carried out by a paediatric audiologist who has extensive experience in assessing children from 6 months old.

What do audiology services do?

Our specialist paediatric audiologists offer an array of services to support children, including:

  • Hearing tests for children from 6 months
  • Assessment of ear health (including middle ear examination)
  • Audiological support for children enrolled in the Cora Barclay Listening and Spoken Language Program
  • Auditory processing assessment and management
  • Cochlear implant mapping (including device management)
  • Assistive listening devices – such as Rogers and other personal devices
  • Hearing protection/customised earplugs
  • Soundfields and classroom acoustic advice
  • Ear plugs for swimming and ear protection

Newborn Hearing Screening

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The test is typically conducted within the first few days of life and involves measuring the baby's response to sounds.

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Signs your child may need a hearing health check

  • Baby doesn’t startle at loud sounds
  • Child doesn’t respond to your voice
  • Limited or no speech
  • Frequently inattentive
  • Difficulty learning
  • Seems to need a higher TV volume
  • Fails to respond to conversation-level speech
  • Fails to respond to name or is easily frustrated when there's a lot of background noise
  • Misunderstands or confuses what has been said to them
  • Has difficulties in social situations with peers
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Hospitals routinely perform a hearing screening on babies in the first day or two after birth. If an infant doesn’t pass the initial screening, they are usually scheduled for a second screening at the hospital a few weeks later. Sometimes however, newborns and children who pass both hearing screenings may show signs of hearing loss as they get older.

Who can access our therapy services?

Can:Do 4Kids supports babies, children, young people and their families, and because everyone’s needs and circumstances are different, we can provide our services in a variety of ways, including:

  • Individual therapy
  • Small groups
  • Remote services and telehealth
  • Working alongside parents/carers and key people in the child’s life
  • Clinic-based and within community settings including home or at your child’s education setting

NDIS funding

We can help you to understand the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), assist with the application process, and provide the very best services to meet the needs of your child.


You don’t need a referral to access services at Can:Do 4Kids. Our team can discuss your needs when you book your appointment.