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Our multidisciplinary team have diverse professional backgrounds and are highly skilled in a wide variety of developmental areas. Your therapist will work closely with you to identify goals and work towards achieving these goals.

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The growth in Lola’s speech and language has been phenomenal this past year. Bright Start was fabulous, it really helped encourage and prepare the children with a great foundation and readiness for starting school. By learning Jolly Phonics during Bright Start, Lola gained the knowledge and confidence to transition to school with ease.


Zara is cruising! Cruising is an important developmental milestone for babies that signals they are nearly ready to walk independently. Her parents are super excited!


Nate is learning a 2-point touch technique so he can be more efficient with his cane travel over different ground surfaces. Recently we used high contrast hands and feet on the ground to help him learn where and when to tap his cane. Well done, Nate!


I will never forget the last joint visit to the family home with Maddi’s Speech Pathologist and Feeding Development therapist Grace. Having the privilege to watch Megan feed Maddi solids confidently, while also including all the visual considerations we had discussed was heart-warming. Maddi was so happy and this was evident with her giggling and smiling through-out the session. From a therapist’s perspective, moments like these compel us to do this work.

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