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Jessica Curnow

Discipline Lead Speech Pathologist

Hi, I’m Jess, a newly appointed Senior Lead Speech Pathologist with Can:Do 4Kids. I’ve worked with paediatric and adult clients since graduating from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Speech Pathology in 2015. I received full Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist status from Speech Pathology Australia in 2017 and continue to uphold this status by completing the requirements of ongoing professional development. I am currently studying Master of Education (language and literacy specialisation).

My passion is for equitable health care in all parts of Australia, in particular rural health care. However, I’m just as passionate about achieving positive and sustainable outcomes for all my clients more locally. I strive to build strong relationships with all whom I lead or collaborate with, and across all sectors of our industry. With my background within the community health, education and disability sectors, I also understand the (sometimes) complex systems we work within and feel my belief that communication is a basic human right and that good communication, leads us to better communities.

The best part about starting with Can:Do is working within a multidisciplinary team, where everyone is working collaboratively on common goals to support our clients and achieve positive outcomes.

Thrilled to be able to continue the tradition of “bright futures” for our clients.

In my own downtime, I love getting lost in a good book, finding new cafes and spending time with my friends and family.

Jessica Curnow

BHSc, MSpPath (CPSP)

Jess SML